Design ceiling ideas for living room

design ideas for a ceiling

Interior design ceiling ideas for living room to add interest.

Summary: Nowadays, false ceilings are available to make your living room ceiling highly attractive. However, here are some ideas to add interest to your living room ceiling and walls.

Living room can be stated to be a formal room and so it must have better architecture definition as compared to other spaces in your home. Before you cast a wide net on the different possibilities available in the market, it is highly crucial to consider the house as a whole. Yes, you should consider what is consistent, true and appropriate and befitting to your home and its particular style and location.

Unifying aesthetics for ceilings in living room:

The common threads that can be found all through the living room will give a customized look to you space. When this is in place, nothing will look out of place. You can add distinctive aesthetics to the ceiling and walls in the living room to enhance the beauty of your entire home. You can add aesthetically designed crown molding or tine tiles to the ceiling to give a mid-century appearance to your house. However, when you make this choice the architectural design should be appropriate.

Lights to add attraction to ceiling:

Generally, the living room should look fresh with natural lighting and when it comes to nights, the room will be appealing only when it has effective and bright lights. Besides installing lights at appropriate places in your living room, you can also choose to install ceiling lights, which will automatically add attraction to your ceiling. Nowadays, ceiling lights are available in attractive designs and so besides adding brightness to your ceiling, these lights can enhance the overall aesthetics of the room as well.

False ceiling in attractive designs:

With aesthetics as the main motto, nowadays, many manufacturers are coming up with attractive false ceilings. When these false ceilings are installed at appropriate places like in the center or in the corners, they will add attractiveness to your ceiling without any doubt whatsoever. False ceiling with floral designs and those in matching colors with that of your wall color and the color of other furniture in the living room will go an extra mile to enhance the attractiveness of this room.


Some years ago, people showed interest towards only the showcase, placement of television and sofa set to add attractiveness to their living room. But, nowadays, most of the homeowners have started to think about the attractiveness of the ceiling. Even when they do not consider this for other rooms, they are highly particularly about the ceiling in their living room, which they believe can create a good impression about them in the minds of their guests during the house warming ceremony.

When you visit the house of your friends, just have a look at the ceiling in their living room, if they are attractive, so that you will be in a position to get some ideas, which can be implemented in your house as well. Also, consider the ideas given above to give the best look to your living room.

Design ceiling ideas for living room

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